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The Top 10 Habits of a Successful Raw Foodist:

1. Cleanses the colon on a periodic basis ;-) !!!

2. Never veers from eating raw.

3. Doesn’t overlap meals (eating another meal before a prior meal has digested).

4. Drinks green vegetable juice on an empty stomach every day.

5. Eats “Micronutrient” Absorbable Foods on an empty stomach every day.

6. Practices consistency (eating roughly the same kinds and quantities of food every day).

7. Eats simple whole raw foods the majority of the time (e.g. fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds).

8. Their diet is unaffected by the opinions or actions of other people.

9. Only eat dehydrated foods and/or at raw food restaurants on rare occasions.

10. Breathes clean air more often than polluted air.

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